RE: Totally logical?

Ramez Naam (
Tue, 25 Nov 1997 13:24:04 -0800

> From: Brian Atkins []
> I'm wondering if it is possible for regular humans such as
> ourselves to transcend these stupid genetic behaviors and
> live more logical lives? Can it be done by strict self-
> monitoring, or are there limits to how far we can progress?
> Any books written on this subject?

To some extent, merely understanding these inate predelictions in
yourself helps in counteracting them. (Though I'd suggest that the
majority of these are actually socially scripted, rather than
genetically scripted.) An excellent, extremely insightful book on our
scripted behavior is Cialdini's _Influence_.

One technology that claims to allow humans to "rescript" themselves is
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). A good book on NLP is "NLP: The New
Technology of Achievment", by the NLP Comprehensive training team,
edited by Steve Andreas.

Caveat: I've been experimenting with NLP on myself for the past few
months, so my objectivity is quite possibly blurred. However I must say
that I find it both very interesting in the abstract, and very effective
when put to use. Most external measures of my well being and
effectiveness (health, fitness, job performance, comments from friends &
associates, etc..) also seem to back up the positive effect it's had,
though these positive effects may also be attributued to other factors.