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Sun, 23 Nov 1997 16:28:11 +0100

Anders wrote:

> This is my experience too, and it seems to suggest that we should
> think of how we use the net to communicate, plan and act. For diffuse
> questions where the debate is itself important (such as looking at a
> problem from different angles) a mailing list works well, but it
> doesn't work well if we want something done in a focused manner. So in
> the future it may be a good idea think about how widely we want to
> disperse our attention; it is a non-trivial problem to balance
> efficiency with an useful spread of opinions.

Maybe it's an idea to anounce a topic in the list and ask for
the relevant people to speak up and mail to the one who
asks for the topic to be discussed. Then he/she will become
the owner (not the ruler) of the discussing process and will
send everybody involved "CC" a mail with what he/she would like to
achive. After this he/she posts the results (or updates) again in the list
(with permission to quote). This last one is dangerous of course,
since it could be that the whole thing starts again.....
But we could invent some voluntary rule for this.

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