Re: warm the Sahara

Bradley Graham Weslake (
Fri, 21 Nov 1997 22:35:21 +1100 (EST)

> > Then ask where you're going to put all the displaced people you've
> > created by flooding coastlines.
> Exactly. Personally I think we ought to terraform Mars first so that
> we learn the ropes before tackling the Earth (although I consider
> planets a waste of matter, but that is just personal opinion).

And why stop there? Surely all those other galaxies which have no direct
importance for human existence are a waste of matter also. Something must be
done about this imbalance between useful and non-useful matter. I propose the
prime purpose of the human race to be the systematic removal of all matter
known to not influence our society in any way. As the moon has some
importance as an illumination device, perhaps our first target should be
that irrelevant red planet.

Entirely off topic, this is my first posting to this mailing list, as you
are probably aware. I will not waste too much of your time with personal
psychobabble other than to say I work as a computer scientist in Australia
and hope to someday work in Artificial Intelligence.

So G'day!

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