Re: Uplifting octupi: limitations?

Anders Sandberg (
21 Nov 1997 10:59:04 +0100

Twink <> writes:

> A more daunting problem is that octopi do not seem to care for
> their young in the way that other proposed candidates -- e.g.,
> chimps or dolphins -- for uplifting do. The problem of each new
> octopi, if this seemingly nonsocial lifestyle is maintained after
> uplifting, having to learn everything on its own would make for
> some limits on their potential.
> However, perhaps some form of socialization is possible, even if
> only in adult life. How might this come about? Is it really
> necessary?

Maybe young octopi could grow up with humans instead of other octopi?
I have been thinking about one assumption we seem to be making in this
discussion, that the uplifted species should be essentially "animal X
+ intelligence + with its own culture". That is nice, but even the
least invasive forms of uplifting would add a lot of human stuff to
the animal, and likely result in a mixed culture. So why not accept
that and try to create uplifted species intended right from the start
to be integrated in "human" culture (which by the time they are smart
enough will likely be barely recognizable to us mehums); the
sophoctopi would not be entirely octopodian, but neither would they be
purely human - they would be a mixture.

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