Grand Jury Targets Theorists

Ian Goddard (
Thu, 20 Nov 1997 20:25:36 -0500

Fox TV just had a promo for their News at 10pm (Maryland),
saying, "Will those who promoted the missile theory take
a hit from the Grand Jury?"

A grand jury was formed to investigate missile theorists
last March. Two theorists have been threatened with being
hauled before it, Russell and Marshall Houston, but were
not. Houston had a contact at Lockheed who knew about a
live-footage video showing TWA 800 being hit by a missile.
There was in fact a film crew on the beach that evening.

The FBI sent agents out to Oregon the same day they got wind
of this after squeezing Mike Sommer. Houston was threatened
with being taken to grand jury in New York. Little else is
known about this grand jury. About it CNN said (03/12/97):

The FBI this week launched a criminal
investigation, hoping to stop missile

Thugs vs theories, intimidation vs inquiry, fear
vs freedom, might vs right, the sword vs the pen.

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