Re: Uplifting octupi: when and where?

Anders Sandberg (
19 Nov 1997 15:58:51 +0100

Twink <> writes:

> So I've heard.:) Anyway, from what I've read/seen, their brains are
> divided up a bit. Prima facie, it would seem there are multiple
> lobes which are somewhat independent -- which is akin to neural
> ganglia in insects.

Yes, I have a picture here before me of an octopus brain. The general
layout looks a bit like two kidneys linked with a long and not very
thick cord, with a tangle of ganglia in the middle. Very different
from our brain, yet still with some similarities. According to the
book (Introduction to Neurobiology by Heinrich Reichert) they have
10^8 neurons (this is likely the genus octopus).

> So, in this case, the thing to do might be to increase the
> connections between lobes.
> Of course, I am assuming here that more connections = smarts.

Not certain, but it might be useful to try. I would also add some
extra lobes for high level integration, maybe even a computer-brain
interface (why not start by giving them net access? talk.soc.octopi,

> It would also be exciting to uplift them since
> they are so different from us. I imagine the ideas/experiences they/we could
> share would be fantastic/near-mind-shattering to us/them.

They have an excellent visual system and a beautiful texture-shifting
capability. I think they would develop some very interesting art.

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