Re: Uplifting octupi: when and where?
Wed, 19 Nov 1997 16:28:32 -0500 (EST)

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<< >And octopi. Take an octopus who has never seen a glass jar. Put a
>lobster in a glass jar with a screw-on lid -- an ordinary mayonnaise
>jar will work if it's a small enough lobster. Toss the jar in with
>the octopus. Within about five minutes, the jar is open (not
>broken, open) and so is the lobster.

I've seen this on TV. It does show that they have a lot of potential. (I
how many humans would pass?:) It would also be exciting to uplift them
they are so different from us. I imagine the ideas/experiences they/we
share would be fantastic/near-mind-shattering to us/them.

Octopi also have a very advanced/evolved communication system, lighting up
their skin with patterns.