Re: On crossbreeding humans and chimps

Brian L. Fritz (
Tue, 18 Nov 1997 22:28:46 -0500

> How? Artsem a few chimps using some sperm. It would seem extremely
> simple and could be done without leaving much evidence behind. It
> could be done in the wild, which creates monitoring problems, but would
> probably be much easier than incurring the wrath of preservationists.
> However, just because there is genetic relatedness does not guarantee
> the production of offspring. And remember mules are sterile. This
> creates a problem if you want -- and I do! -- the uplift to be a fire and
> forget sort of affair. (No pun intended.:)
> Daniel Ust

I agree this would be a haphazard approach and may not guarantee
uplifting characteristics, if successful at all. But would it have any
scientific merit? Perhaps some insight could be learned that would
prove beneficial for efforts to directly alter chimp DNA with specific
human genes. It seems to me that chimpanzees would be the easiest
candidate for uplifting because of our genetic relatedness. If the
ultimate goal of such research is to find ways for improving human
intelligence, then I think chimps are the best place to start.

Brian L. Fritz