Re: MS Rumors (closing statements?)

Michael Lorrey (
Wed, 19 Nov 1997 05:39:19 -0500

Arjen Kamphuis wrote:
> At 15:25 17-11-97 -0800, Lee Daniel Crocker wrote:
> >>> There also are many examples of Microsoft products opening back
> >>> doors on machines to allow their servers to gain access, or for
> >>> their anti-piracy software to check for stolen products...
> >
> >It never ceases to amaze me how many seemingly intelligent
> //snip//
> >obvious that they are just fabrication.
> >
> >No doubt we'll see stories next week that Bill is running
> >a black-market stolen kidney syndicate, or has purchased the
> >Dewar holding Walt Disney, or maybe that he was the one who
> >shot down TWA 800.
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> If this isn't technical enough for your taste check the open letter to MS
> that was sent in the OpenGL API debate last summer, I'm not a programmer
> but on this list you'll find over *1400* people who are, among them are
> some of the top game developers in the world, I'd sooner believe them than
> Mr. Gates&friends:

I hear from people who want to do business with mocrosoft, develop apps
for windows, etc. but are too cheap to get the full microsoft training
in developing apps for windows (so what if they charge a lot, its their
proprietary info, and they can charge whatever they want). Yet they have
the gall to complain that there are "undocumented" features that they
didn't know about. DUH. SOunds like a candidate for welfare...
> But maybe these people are all incredebly naive and don't understand IT at
> all ;-). Sort of like us poor IBM-ers. Why is it that every time M$ outfits
> a company with NT they come to IBM (or another IT consultant company) for
> help with their suddenly HUGE security and systems-management problems? Why
> is it that it takes three times as long to get Systems Management software
> working in an NT Client-Server (if_you_insist_on_calling_it_that)
> environment?.

maybe because IBM's systems management software was optimized for OS/2,
that hugely successful operating system that spelled IBM's demise.

> Isn't the fact that there are lot's of anti-MS sites around saying something?
> I've never come accross an anti-IBM site (Or HP, Apple, SGI, SUN, Corel....).
> But if anyone can locate one I'll be most interested in it's content.

Its really not polite to kick someone when they are down....


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