Hemp fuel? [was Re: Hydrogen cars, etc. [Re: QUOTE: Bey on extropians]]

Michael M. Butler (mbutler@comp*lib.org)
Sat, 15 Nov 1997 21:45:57 -0800

I'm aware that hemp has uses. :)

And I think as an economic crop, hemp qua crop makes sense. Trying to get it
accepted is another matter, a propaganda matter.

However, regarding hemp qua fuel: inasmuch as hemp still has to be cultivated,
there's an energy cost associated with that. Assuming hemp is as efficient as
soybeans at generating oil (that seems like a conservative estimate), and
assuming similar cultivation/processing costs (not sure this is true), a first
approximation of the energy credit (or debt) ought to be easily calculable. I
don't have the numbers at present. But we don't see a lot of soybean-powered
cars, do we? Now if hemp were incredibly better as a fuel, or incredibly cheaper
to cultivate, this use might still pan out. I'm curious to know if the book you
mention goes into this, or just handwaves about it.

I'll try to look up that book. Have you got an ISDN number handy? Thanks.


CALYK@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 97-11-15 23:48:25 EST, you write:
> << Hydrogen economy which generates the hydrogen by directly or indirectly
> burning
> fossil fuels, either to generate electricity or to farm land for fuel crops,
> is a
> huge net inefficiency. You're just moving the pollution and fossil fuel use
> around, not reducing it. Solar and fusion are possibilities, but either one
> is
> very capital-intensive and unlikely to pay for itself in a reasonable time.
> Guess
> what that leaves? It leaves hypotech (my portmanteau word for hypothetical
> technology} that reforms fossil fuels at the point of use, then feeds _that_
> to a
> fuel cell. Some people claim to have it. We'll see. "Pure" H2 technology as
> a
> significant base for the economy just isn't in the cards--unless you palm a
> few.
> :)
> MMB >>
> How about hemp oil derived fuel and products? Im sure you all have heard all
> the wonderful things about it? I believe it can completely replace all
> petrol chemicals as well have benefits in a wide array of other things.
> Consult the book "The Emperor Wears no Clothes"
> danny

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