Re: Hydrogen cars, etc. [Re: QUOTE: Bey on extropians]
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<< Hydrogen economy which generates the hydrogen by directly or indirectly
fossil fuels, either to generate electricity or to farm land for fuel crops,
is a
huge net inefficiency. You're just moving the pollution and fossil fuel use
around, not reducing it. Solar and fusion are possibilities, but either one
very capital-intensive and unlikely to pay for itself in a reasonable time.
what that leaves? It leaves hypotech (my portmanteau word for hypothetical
technology} that reforms fossil fuels at the point of use, then feeds _that_
to a
fuel cell. Some people claim to have it. We'll see. "Pure" H2 technology as
significant base for the economy just isn't in the cards--unless you palm a

MMB >>

How about hemp oil derived fuel and products? Im sure you all have heard all
the wonderful things about it? I believe it can completely replace all
petrol chemicals as well have benefits in a wide array of other things.
Consult the book "The Emperor Wears no Clothes"