RE: demo of new web tools, Nov 6, 8:45 PM, Hyatt, Palo Alto

Laws, David (
Sun, 9 Nov 1997 11:26:42 -0500

Hmmmm....very interesting that these 'free' web tools are protected by
password. What does one have to do to obtain these? Also, the FAQ page
listed off is password
protected. Did I miss something in my haste?


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"The Other Half of Hypertext" Web Software
to be Demoed and Released for Free Use

"Father of Hypertext" Engelbart praises new web tools

Summary: New free web tools enable users to put their
own comment links into any web document. Links of this new type are
displayed, along with the original author's links, on a one-screen
graphical display showing who agrees and disagrees with any document on
the web.


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