Surf's Up -- Again!!! Jane Affleck's second LOBSTER Column

Tony Hollick (
Sun, 9 Nov 97 11:26 GMT0

[ Note from Tony Hollick: after this column was published (under the --
hopefully! -- last British Tory Government), the author Jane Affleck's
disability payments (which she has to have, so as to _survive_), were
summarily cut off, without any explanation.

Several nerve-wracking months later -- which further damaged her health
quite badly -- an Appeal Tribunal took about ten minutes to restore
them. She hasn't written since, but may hopefully resume her invaluable
activities soon ].

The head of the Social Security Office told me that it's more than her
job is worth, to discuss 'outside intervention' from MI5 in stopping
Jane's payments. How many other writers and activists have been
subjected to this sort of thing in the 'United Kingdom'? A Public
Inquiry is in order...

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'Coincidentally', six LOBSTER contributors and/or writers (including
yours truly, Tony Hollick), were all 'targeted' at around the same time.

Yet another (occasionally somewhat OTT) writer who was critical of
SEARCHLIGHT Magazine, which is edited by the infamous Gerry Gable, and
which manages to combine communist loonies, fascist loonies, and MI5,
the -- inaptly-named -- 'British Security Service' -- aka 'The Tory
Party in Fancy Dress'), had his benefits summarily stopped.

He complained rather too vigourously, and was promptly arrested, jailed
for 'threats to murder', had his computer seized, was held on remand for
months on end, and was eventually put on trial on trumped-up charges.

The Court found him 'Not Nuilty.' He's now collecting damages...

At the time, MI5 was controlled (if at all) by the even more infamous
Michael Howard, an authoritarian Tory politician and lawyer. If _any_
British Conservative _ever_ has the sheer damned effrontery to prattle
on to you about how the Tory Party stands for 'freedom', tell them to
shove it _right where it hurts_...

The Tory Party _actually_ stands for a 'Crony-Capitalist' hierarchical
authoritarian society where around ten thousand people want -- and
expect to get - nothing much, except all the land, all the pwwer and
all the money. Oh, and a grotesque and morally filthy past, which
happens _over and over agoain_.. -TH ]

/ /\ \

Tony Hollick, LightSmith (LA-Agora Conference) (Agora Home Page, Rainbow Bridge Foundation) (NorthWest Coalition Against Malicious Harrassment)

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WEB UPDATE from Jane Affleck

Here are a few more web sites that may be of interest. Thanks for
contributions to David Guyatt, Terry Hanstock, Daniel Brandt, Chris
Atton and Tony Hollick.

Further contributions and comments are welcome: my e-mail is


US DoE Office of Human Radiation Experiments

OHRE, established in March 1994, leads the DoE s efforts to tell the
agency's cold war story of radiation research using human
subjects.......internet access to these resources is a key part of making
DoE more open and responsive to the American public.

Includes recently declassified documents, current reports and press
releases, and the Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments
final report and related documents.

USA National Archives and Records Administration

NARA is the government agency responsible for overseeing the management
of the records of the federal government. NARA publishes the Federal
Register (the daily official record of the federal government), and the
US Government Manual (directory of US Government agencies, their purpose,
authority and senior officials).

Includes the Government Information Locator Service: a searchable
database of information about NARA information resources with links to
other sources of US Government information.

JFK Assassination Records Collection

Material relating to the assassination of JFK, including searchable
electronic index to the records collection.

Project on Government Oversight (POGO)

Since 1981 POGO has investigated abuse of power, mis-management and
acquiescence to corporate interests by the federal government. A new
project, the Military-Industrial Complex Initiative, will focus on
investigating and exposing abuses within the defense budget, and aim to
stop these abuses.... POGO has exposed outrageously priced spare parts(eg
$640 toilet seat!) and revealed inadequacies in weapons, and since 1990
has expanded to investigate all federal agencies and questions of
government accountability. Includes POGO S methods, goals, publications
and resources, and information on blowing the whistle.

US National Security Archive

NSA is an independent non-governmental research institute and library
located at George Washington University in Washington DC. The archive
collects and publishes declassified documents acquired through the
Freedom of Information Act.

It was founded in 1985 by a group of journalists and scholars who
obtained documentation under FOIA and wanted a centralised repository for these

First menu includes:

The Archive. An overview of the archive (over 90,000 records of released

Archive publications.

Includes NSA index on CD Rom, Nicaragua 1978-90, S Africa 1962-89, US
Intelligence Community 1947-89, Military Uses of Space 1945-91, Nuclear
non-proliferation 1945-90, Iran-contra, Presidential directives on
national security. Collections Database. Searchable database. Freedom
of Information Archive. Full text and how to use FOIA.

Nuclear History.

Includes the Cuban Missile Crisis, Berlin Crisis, Nuclear
non-proliferation, Soviet Estimate (US analysis of Soviet Union 1947-91),
US nuclear weapons policies 1955 to date, US Advisory Ctee on Human
Radiation Experiments (Ctee data, sources and reports).

Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency

Includes mission statement, organisation, news, budget, what s new.
Also defence science and technology homepage: science and technology
planning documents and reports.

Chris Hinds Intelligence Agencies Homepage

Huge number of links to US intelligence agencies, departments etc
eg links to US Intelligence Community site, NRO, FBI, Depts of State,
Treasury, Defense, Fedworld, NSA, US Border Patrol, Ocean Surveillance.

MILNET: Intelligence Agencies



A compilation of information on the world's intelligence agencies.
In practice, only US and Soviet, and links include to US Intelligence
Community, DCIA report.

Intelligence Watch Report

IntelWeb is the premier online resource covering public and private
intelligence agencies and organisations from around the world. Currently
access to text, image and audio files....purpose is to assist in the
serious study of intelligence agencies .

Menu includes Intelligence Communities worldwide, listed alphabetically
by country, Intelligence Watch Report, IWR Intelligence Employment
Service (find intelligence-related employment), IWR Classified
(intelligence related classified ads), IWR Calendar (conferences etc).
Also books, Secrecy and Government Bulletin, and links to zines
(intelligence-related electronic magazines including the Journal of
Electronic Defense).

THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet

In the spirit of Thomas Jefferson, a service of the US Congress, through
its library

Includes nominees for 105th Congress, this week's Congress
activities (House and Senate), Bills, major legislation this Congress,
Congressional Record text and index (can search text), Committee
Information (reports, homepages), historical documents (including
Declaration of Independence and Constitution),
Legislative Process ( How our laws are made ), US Government internet
resources and Library of Congress Web Links .

United Nations

Menu includes: About the UN, Events, General Information, Peace and
Security, Economic and Social Development, International Law (eg Statute of the
International Court of Justice, Law of the Sea, treaties), Human Rights
(eg Universal Declaration, operational activities, treaties, monitoring),
Humanitarian Affairs, UN News, UN Documents. Also search facility: can
search all documents or selected areas, eg General Assembly, Security
Council Resolutions, UN Press Releases.

UK Public Record Office

First menu includes: general information about PRO, information for
readers, information for archivists, PRO publications (eg readers guides), and
electronic publication of Public Records (discussion of this and details
of CD Roms of contemporary British History, such as cabinet minutes, Prime
Ministers and Foreign Office files).

Parliament and Hansard

This site comes up again because it has expanded and now includes alot of
new information. First menu includes House of Commons and House of Lords
Commons site includes: Alphabetical list of MPs and constituencies.
Sessional Information Digest: includes Select Committees (listed
alphabeticlly; each Ctee has a homepage which lists members and clerks,
ctee phone, fax, e-mail and address).

Committee reports, legislation, Green and White papers and other
documents (not a great deal so far). Todays Meetings of Select
Committees, weekly agenda Order Paper. Hansard, starting from 24/10/96

Direct address:

Includes search facility if unsure of date.


McGuinness Secrecy site

Reforming US military secrecy; Site presents information about
excessive secrecy in the US national security system. Despite the end of
the Cold War, billions of dollars are spent in secret each year, without
any accountability to the taxpayers.

Documents on the subject include President Clinton's recent Executive
Order 12958 on secrecy, Daniel Ellsberg on current secrecy, NSA employee
handbook, classified programs list, links between Groom Lake and Air
Force Plant 42 (secret defence sites), national security airstrips in the
California desert.

Links to other secrecy-related websites, eg Federation of American
Scientists secrecy and government project, Dept of Energy, including
Opennet database of declassified documents, CIA, NSA, NRO and other US
intelligence agencies.

Project Black Homepage

Menu includes stealth technology, Military radio monitoring, Interceptor's
tales (stealth watching/monitoring).

Blue Fire Military Page

Includes info on Area 51, high energy weapons archive, nuclear weapons.
Links to Government secrecy website etc

High Energy Weapons Archive

A lot of material on all aspects of nuclear weapons, including plutonium
smuggling, nuclear testing, EMP effects. Many links, eg to government
nuclear sites and worldwide nuclear related sites
and commercial sources.


Web magazines and papers are of variable quality: some exist only on the
web, while others are little more than an advertisement for the
commercial version, with an invitation to subscribe; others contain
samples of articles, or almost all the complete paper. A few include
search facilities and provide a useful research tool.

Electronic Telegraph

Have to register, but no charge.

The Telegraph on-line, but useful as it provides links to relevant web
sites for each news item, and can search archive of material published in
the ET since it went online in Nov 1994.

Defense News

Need to register, but no charge.

The independent, authoritative newsweekly on the international defense
community. Includes current and next weeks issue of Defense News ,
library (including reports, budgets, newslinks - webpages relevant to
current news, photos), Army Times, Space News, and other publications
including Defenselink News (current defense Public Affairs press
releases, plus searchable historical database of
previous press releases, which can be reached directly on

Journal of Electronic Defense

Have to register, but no charge.

Highly technical, aimed at professionals in defence electronics.
Articles in October issue included Directed Energy Weapons laser guns,
heat rays, RF disrupters - no longer sci-fi, they re just a few R and D
steps away from reality . Includes reports from Washington, Europe, Asia
and Middle East, and new products.

Covert Action Quarterly Homepage

Investigative journal, specialising in exposing covert operations.
Current issue, including sample articles, CAQ archive, and links to other
pertinent web sites.

Secrecy and Government Bulletin

Published by the Federation of American Scientists. Aims to challenge
excessive government secrecy and to promote public oversight and free
exchange in science, technology, defense and intelligence . Reports
monthly on national security classification and declassification
activity, intelligence budget and policy issues, and efforts to increase
government openness and accountability. Can look at past issues, eg June
1996, satellite imagery, US concealment of documentation concerning funds
stolen by Nazis and deposited in Swiss banks, US declassification

Z Magazine
Z is an independent political magazine of critical thinking on political,
cultural, social and economic life in the US. Includes table of contents
of some recent issues, with a few samples of articles, a chat forum.
details of contributors and how to subscribe.

The Consortium

The internet's first investigative zine.....The Consortium covers well
documented stories that the mainstream media has ignored. Published by
award-winning journalist Robert Parry, it focuses on national politics
and international affairs...

The Consortium for Independent Journalism was founded in 1985. Current
issues of the Consortium are available free on the web, but there is a
charge to enter the archive of investigative stories and editorials that
have appeared to date.

October 1996 issue included: The US Army's School of the Americas
(trained death squads in Central America); Use of manuals that advocated
torture, murder and coercion for political ends, and Colin Powell s
military history.

Archive includes: Infowar - how the Pentagon uses hi-tech to hack into
computer systems and plant false information; how the Republicans
unsuccessfully used dirty tricks to block Clinton s election in 1992, and
how allegations that the 1980 Presidential election was fixed were
whitewashed and key documents hidden.

Steamshovel Press

US conspiracy zine. Gives contents pages of back issues plus sample

Microwave News

The worlds most authoritative source on EMF health risks Covers civil
and military EMF risks. Can get free sample issue by completing
on-screen form, key documents such as the recent NCRP draft EMF report
and 1990 EPA draft report, publications and
other net resources.


Conspiracy Central

Conspiracy site with material on covert government operations, cover-ups,
secret societies, ufos etc

Includes links to pages on freemasonry, Ufo archives (government
cover-up?), Area 51, Gemstone. From Gemstone, for example, there are
links to pages on plutonium economy, executive orders, John Stockwell:
the secret wars of the CIA, Gemstone File, Waco history, Hoover spoon-fed
Warren Commission:FOIA, is AIDS a government plot?, Russia s operational
Star Wars system and intelligence agencies reading list.

Also links to many conspiracy-related newsgroups (conspiracy,
freemasonry, illuminati, Area 51, JFK, ufos, etc).

Conspiracy Nation Archives

Items in CN include politics (US and other), conspiracy and health. Site
broken up into two:1995 and 1996, and gives monthly list of items
published. 1996 issues include items on Oklahoma City bombings, Waco, Ron
Brown, Nazi gold, Marilyn, Kennedy and the Mob, the buying of the
President, bovine growth hormone, gulf war syndrome and aspartame (widely
used artificial sweetener thought to be associated with migraines and
other problems). Can be sent to your e-mail address.


The web site for paranoids .

Links to other related web sites, including many on ufos, Roswell, etc,
Fifty Greatest Conspiracies of all Time , and online newsletters such as
Groom Lake Desert Rat and Paranoid News. Also gopher links to ufo sites
and links to related newsgroups (ufos, alien research, abduction,

IUFOG ufo hyperliinks

Huge number of links on ufo-related isssues, eg Area 51, DoE declassified
information, ufo organisations in US and other countries, Fortean Times;
also links to related newsgroups.

Area 51

Critical assessment of area 51 and the conspiracy theories surrounding
it. Includes FAQs, articles, maps, photos, latest news, testimonials, ufo
claims, articles from national and other newspapers, and the claims of
Bob Lazar: Lazar claims to have worked with alien spacecraft at a secret
facility, Papoose Lake, in Nevada. Includes transcript of interviews and
related articles, researchers opinions of Lazar s claims, and a critical
examination of the claims. Lazar site can be reached directly on:

The Controllers by Martin Cannon

Approx 60pp account of mind control phenomenon, including Cannon s theory
that alien abduction is used as a screen memory to cover up mind
control experiments.


Federation of American Scientists

FAS is a privately funded non-profit organisation, founded in 1945 by
members of the Manhattan Project. It conducts analysis and advocacy on
science, technology and public policy, including nuclear weapons, arms
sales, biological hazards, secrecy and space policy. For example, arms
sales monitoring project, military analysis network, nuclear
non-proliferation and disarmament, climate change, project for monitoring
emerging diseases, cyberstrategy project, government secrecy project
(which challenges govt secrecy, promotes public oversight, supports
journalists; includes links to other secrecy sites.)

Working Groups include arms transfer, good government, information
systems, media strategy, military spending, NPT, US nuclear weapons cost
study, campaign to stop Star Wars.


Telnet: (no login) (login: namebase)

Provided by Public Information Research. Citations cover individual and
organisational names from approximately 500 investigative books published
since 1962, and thousands of periodicals since 1973, concerned with the
international intelligence community, US foreign policy, crime and
business. Sources emphasise left of centre, conspiracy theory and
spy-and-tell publications.

Web site provides namesearch capability and country search, but is more
accessible, and includes essays and reviews, eg essays include mind
control and the secret state; infowar and disinformation:from the
Pentagon to the net; Big Brother covets the internet; the 1960s and
cointelpro. Book reviews cover a wide range of subjects, including
business, political, terrorism, UFOs.

Telnet site provides more options, including source list and Namebase newsline

SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute)

Menu includes: history and activities of the Institute, Publications and
Research Reports, Research Areas (Arms transfer and production, military
expenditure and technology, chemical and biological weapons, European
Security and other projects). eg CBW page includes research, Chemical
Weapons Convention, destruction of chemical weapons, proliferation,
Biological Weapons Convention and links to
related sites.

Also Library, including article references database, other related links, and a
search facility.

US Center for Defense Information

CDI was founded in 1972 as an independent monitor of the military. CDI
seeks realistic and cost-effective military spending, and publishes
Defense Monitor, about military programmes and policies.
Site provides links to a large number of other websites on military,
defence, peace, human rights, eg SIPRI (see below), Human Rights Web(see
below), Senate Armed Services Ctee, High Energy Weapons Archive (see
above), ARPA (see above), Milnet (see above), Hiroshima Project, PeaceNet
(see below) and United Nations (see above).

Project Censored

PC aims to explore and publicise the extent of censorship in our society
by locating stories about significant issues of which the public should
be aware, but is not. Can access annual press releases of censored
stories; asks for contributions.


Information on electromagnetic fields and health, also military use.
Includes text of Living with Electricity , a very useful guide to the
health effects of EMFs.

Campaign Against Censorship of the Internet in Britain

Site formed in reaction to letter from Chief Inspector Stephen French to
all UK internet service providers, instructing them to censor their
newsfeeds. Aims to promote awareness of the quiet insidious way the
internet is being censored and provoke vocal opposition .

Information on internet censorship, and suggestions for campaigning
against this. Also links to other sites against censorship in the UK and

Stonehenge Campaign s Contacts A-List

List of radical/green/peace groups, with addresses. Also calendar of
upcoming events. Stonehenge Campaign campaigns for restoration of
peoples' free festival, and access to stonehenge.

Includes links to sites and information on alot of other alternative
campaigns, eg Criminal Justice Act, anarchist, New Age, environmental,
road protests, political organisations and campaigns (eg Rainbow
International, Findhorn, Glastonbury, The Land is Ours, Freedom Press).


American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

Includes info about ACLU ( ACLU is the Nation s foremost advocate of
individual rights - litigating, legislating and educating the public on a
broad range of issues affecting individual freedom in the US.... ).
Includes: In the courts, In Congress, News and Events, library (includes
Bill of Rights and Constitution, and facility to search ACLU database).

Info on ACLU issues inluding Criminal Justice, Cyberliberties, Death
Penalty, Free Speech, HIV/AIDS, Lesbian and Gay Rights, National
Security. Links to other sites including :

Index on Censorship

Declan McCullagh's Global Freedom and Privacy Page - a lot of info about
censorship of the net in different countries:

European Cryptography Resources. Provides links on european encryption
and privacy, eg info on euroclipper, key escrow, and european legislation
and recommendations. Use of cryptography in different countries, and
documents on PGP, crypography and privacy. Also links to related
newsgroups and relevant extracts from these newsgroups.

Also link to:

Global internet Liberty Campaign

Coalition including ACLU, Electronic Privacy Info Center, Human Rights
Watch, Privacy International. Provides links to these and other
organisations. Concerned with freedom of expression and freedom from
censorship online. A lot of info, including international documents, eg EU
Directive on data protection; OECD guidelines on privacy; Schengen
agreement of 1985 on abolition of border checks; Universal Declaration of
Human Rights, International Covenants on Civil and Political Rights and
Economic, Social and Cultural Rights; UN Conventions including UN Charter,
Convention against Torture, Statute of the International Court of Justice.

Human Rights Watch

Menu includes: info about HRW (HRW conducts regular systematic
investigations of human rights abuses in about 70 countries..), HRW
Research and Campaigns, How You Can Help, Universal Declaration of Human

Human Rights Web Homepage

Includes short history of the human rights movement, biographies of
Prisoners of Conscience, debates, primer for activists and human rights

PeaceNet Home Page

PeaceNet is a worldwide computer network dedicated to peace, social and
economic justice, human rights, and the struggle against racism .
Web page provides sample of information available to PeaceNet
subscribers, including directory of member organisations - large number
of links to sites concerned with the above issues.


Noam Chomsky Archive

Summaries and extracts from Chomsky s books. Also articles, talks,

Wiretap Electronic Text Archive

Main features include:

WhiteHouse Press Releases (updated daily)

Wiretap Online Library (useful/interesting information arranged by subject, eg
under techdoc , then security , then tempest , information on
electronic eavesdropping and interception of information from computer
terminals) Government and Civics Archives ( large assortment of laws,
treaties and other assorted legal and historical documents, eg NATO, some
US Govt Acts, Treaties, GAO reports, FOIA, Privacy Act, NSA Charter).
Electronic Books on Wiretap: index of electronic books

Wiretap has a lot of information, some very useful, but it can be time
consuming to find, and rather hit-and -miss, unless you know exactly
where to find the information you require.

Controlled Remote Viewing Homepage

Lots of information on CRV, including many papers and mini-essays by Ingo
Schwann, also abstract by H E Puthoff on a CIA-initiated Remote Viewing
programme at SRI.