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EvMick wrote:
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> << Iron is generally an easily
> alloyed metal, probably due to the fact that it switches crystal structures
> (between BCC, FCC, and HCP) easily under fairly mild conditions. As for
> amorphous crystals, I don't think metal crystals can be amorphous. If I am
> not mistaken, amorphous crystals can only occur when there is l >>
> Ok...that sounds good....except I don't understand it...
> What does BCC, FCD and HCP mean? And what does Amorphous mean in this
> context...

BCC, FCD and HCP ar basically different crystalline structures that iron
can assume, and which it assumes is dependent on the temperature and
pressure the iron is under at the point which it is cooled, and whether
it is rapidly quenched or allowed to cool slowly. Any basic book on
metallurgy can tell you more on this.

> would this idea of a crystalline core tie in with the
> concept of the polarity of earths magnetic..."flipping' or reversing every so
> would (could) this happen...and what (if any) visible effect would
> there be.?

The presently accepted view of what causes the earth's electromagnetic
field is that since the inner core rotates faster than the outer layers
like the mantle and crust at a rate of about one extra "day" per year of
rotation, the inner core acts as a rotor, and the mantle and crust as
the stator, in an electromagnetic generator. THis differential also
induces electrical currents in the lower mantle and outer core that
interact with thermodynamically induced electrical currents. Since this
speed differential is caused by the Moon having greater tidal influence
on the outer layers than on the core, in that the moon induces a drag on
the rotation of the outer layers, if anything were to cause the
direction from which the moon exterts its tidal influence, like an
asteroid strike on the moon changing its orbit, this would change the
gyroscopic arrangement between the outer layers and the core, which
would cause the inner core to appear to "tumble", which would been seen
at the surface in the way of a flipping or occilating electromagnetic
field. This tumbling effect could also be caused by a change in the
flows of material in and out of the core and mantle areas. THey normally
are rather cyclic, like any ocean thermal current, but oddidites can
theoretically occur.

What effect will this have for us? well, since the electromagnetic field
is what protects us from most of the radiation the sun puts out, this
could cause periods of radiation bombardment that could be dangerous,
but most likely would not be any different than the levels found at the
poles, or at least not much higher.
> And just to throw a nother bean into the does Gold's Primeval Oil
> thesis tie into this?

What the hell is Gold's Primeval Oil thesis?????

> Enquiring (and non-web connected) minds want to know.
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