Re: The copy paradox

Leevi Marttila (
09 Nov 1997 02:54:42 +0200

Harvey Newstrom <> writes:

> Would you really be willing to jump into a volcano, just because another
> copy of you will continue living? I wouldn't, and I assume that copies
> of me wouldn't either. The problem is that some people believe that
> copying is an acceptable way to prolong my life. Even if the technology
> becomes available, this solution is unacceptable to me, as I will not
> experience any lengthening of life.

My experiences, memory, 'algorithms' and future are safe in the
original copy of me. I'm not going to lose anything expect some
material. I'm safe in the original copy. I'm going to just gain
experience of dying. Losing one material form doesn't matter. I'm kind
of independent of certain material expression. Etc...

I however would not go to hell or torment despite original being safe.
I wouldn't want to experience it.

It would be different if I have lived for year after copying. Then I
would differ from original by year worth of experience.