Cryonics and family

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Thu, 6 Nov 1997 11:30:52 +0100

Hello all,

Yesterday we went to the Notary to sign the papers for Alcor.
I explained my family what was expected of them by signing
these papers. Some of the papers have their name on it and are not
really necessary to complete the sign-up process. Still it can make a
few things a whole lot easier, if you get their permission up front.

The notary however started with a statement in which he said he
didn't have much faith in the US-law and that he recommended them
to re-read carefully once more. Regardless of this claim the atmosphere
changed in the office, as you can imagine. To keep the discussion
clear and free from a lot of emotions, I decided to not go ahead with these
forms, and re-read/discuss them at home. We did sign the papers needed
for me personal an I also learned that my testament/will (in English by
wasn't accepted by the Dutch law according to the notary.
Again, I did go ahead to keep the process going, but I will investigate
of cause.

My Sister had a good point though, which I also try to sort out.
Since the papers of Alcor, ask some sort of "active" cooperation when
you are found to be dead, she foresees to much involvement in a time
when she's not in a "state" to help. This is by far the best reason to have
our own network in the Netherlands. So that we can help each other, all
people who really understand the wish, and see/feel what's at stake here.

Anyway, for my own family matters and to inform people on our site,
I hope some of you will share some of their experiences with me regarding
the sign up process, and the involved relatives. All communication
aspects regarding the above are welcomed, since I want to learn myself
and inform others to the best of my knowledge.

Thanks all,


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