Re: the Ex-word

Kennita Watson (
Thu, 06 Nov 1997 02:17:14 +0000

Anton Sherwood wrote:
> T0Morrow writes
>:...The roots "ex" and "tropy" essentially mean "out of" and "disorder."...
> Er, Tom, I think you'll find that _tropy_ means `turning'

Yes, if found out of context. However, as used in the word "entropy",
My American Heritage says "...Greek 'trope' [long e], 'transformation'",
then introduces more complexity in the definition of the Indo-European
word root "trep-", covered in the Appendix.

Transformation and change are fine Extropian concepts -- i.e., "tropy"
is fine, it's entropy we shun. "Entropy" was a coined term to begin
with (Maybe it was a depressed German who decided to use "in change" to
mean basically "running down"). Both "negentropy" and "extropy" place
a Latin prefix on a Greek root (yes, "en-" is also Greek), but so what?
They get the point across.