Re: HUMOR: Culture-like shipnames

Anders Sandberg (
04 Nov 1997 13:25:31 +0100 (The Low Golden Willow) writes:

> Ship and Station names for the Clade, showing economic and ecological
> values, sort of: (the Clade is my vague vision of a property and market
> oriented Culture like society in our solar system in the next few
> centuries. Culture-like in associated autonomous space habitats, AI,
> engineering of humans, lots of education and tolerance and wealth, etc.
> Inspired by Freeman Dyson. I need more ecological names.)

Convergent Evolution
You Have To Run To Stay In Place
Punctuated Equlibrium
Environmental Impact Statement (terraforming colony)
There Is Plenty of Room on the Bottom
Wild Handwaving

> Cynical Optimism

What about Crass Idealism?

> Peer Review

Sounds a bit like the Truth Maintenance Society in my recent hard sf
roleplaying game. It was an roving alien organization who performed
'truth audits', checking facts, reviewing procedures and making
spot-checks of empirical measurements. Among other things they
autentified the existence of the human race.

> Mutual Assured Surveillance

I assume this is the ship David Brin is on?

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