HUMOR: Culture-like shipnames

The Low Golden Willow (
Mon, 3 Nov 1997 19:18:33 -0800 (PST)

Ship and Station names for the Clade, showing economic and ecological
values, sort of: (the Clade is my vague vision of a property and market
oriented Culture like society in our solar system in the next few
centuries. Culture-like in associated autonomous space habitats, AI,
engineering of humans, lots of education and tolerance and wealth, etc.
Inspired by Freeman Dyson. I need more ecological names.)

Cynical Optimism
PR Gimmick
Insert Brand Name Here

Almighty Dollar
Peer Review
No News Is Bad News
Robber Baron
Checks and Balances
Mutual Assured Destruction
Mutual Assured Surveillance
Profits Go To Zero
I'm Color Blind; I Only See Green
Enlightened Self-Interest
The Buck Never Stops
Nouveau Riche
Green Money or Blue Blood?
Dynamic Equilibrium
Censorship As Damage
If You Don't Like It, Start Your Own Damn Company
Anyone Can Grow Up To Impeach The President

Human Resources
Negative Externalities
Pork Barrel
Lifestyle Audit
Protection Racket
Labor Union
Creation Scientist
Protect the Children
Border Guard
Customs Agent
Junk Mail
Conscript Army
Craft Guild
Nuisance Lawsuit
Everyone Is Equal When Dead
Police Brutality

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