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|> A. The National Security Agency was established in 1952
|> to protect classified national security systems against
|> exploitation, unauthorized access or intelligence
|> threats, and to control foreign signals intelligence.
|Nowadays, the NSA's mission is to collect as many electronic
|communications as possible, such as telephone conversations,
|email, fax, etc. and feed them into a vast searchable database.
|This is called the ECHELON Dictionary. Domestic law enforcement
|agencies, such as FBI & DEA, as well as intelligence agencies from
|the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, can all submit watchlists
|to ECHELON. Those other nations are part of the UKUSA Security
|Alliance, and recently, many EU nations were invited to a FBI meeting
|in Quantico, VA to discuss their inclusion.
|A watchlist would typically consist of names and telephone numbers of
|people they want to watch. In the sixties, the FBI Minaret program
|kept track of the members of more than a thousand organizations. Who
|knows what they're capable of today?
|The ECHELON Dictionary is probably the most incredible secret in all of
|human history. Read about ECHELON at:
|To read about how the DNC used ECHELON for fundraising, see:
|http://www.insightmag.com and look for the APEC scandal under investigative
|My friend "Information Security" wrote a book called the
|Cryptography Manifesto, which I can send to anyone interested.
|He discusses ECHELON and a number of related topics.
|To my knowledge, we are the only two anti-Echelon activists in
|the world. (and I'm not sure if he is)
| The FBI in the Department of
|> Justice is responsible for counterintelligenc in the
|> United States.
|Note that this not the same thing as solving crimes. Far from it.
|Counterintelligence includes various methods for disrupting groups,
|and the most famous groups destroyed by the FBI were the Black
|Liberation Movement, the American Indian Movement, and the Puerto
|Rican Independence Movement. In many ways, the FBI operates as
|a domestic CIA. Of the three, the only organization that doesn't
|scare me is the CIA. I think they're pretty careful about what they
|do here at home.
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