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Subject: [cia-drugs] Crack the CIA Coalition (L.A.) Actions and conference

|The Crack the CIA Coalition in L.A. (which drew 4000 people into the
|streets of downtown L.A. last February behind the demands of Full
|disclosure and accountability for government involvement in drug dealing
|and other human rights abuses, dismantle the CIA--end all covert ops and
|secret wars, reparations for the affected communities, community controlled
|drug rehabilitation, stop the phony drug war, sentencing disparities and
|mandatory minimums, support for the gang truce and stop the snowjob, end
|the media whitewash) is calling for demonstrations in response to the
|Inspector General's report on the CIA's involvement in the contra-cocaine
|connection. We anticipate this long overdue report will be a whitewash.
|What will have changed in the period since the Gary Webb stories again
|focused attention on these crimes? The media whitewash has intensified;
|the government has rejected even sentencing commission recommendations to
|eliminate the sentencing disparities; the phony drug war continues and is
|the pretext for even greater US military aid to the generals involved in
|drug dealing in Colombia, Mexico and elsewhere in order to attack insurgent
|movements in those countries.
|The Monday evening after either the CIA inspector general or the Justice
|Dept reports are issued, we will be demonstrating at the downtown L.A.
|federal building, Los Angeles and Temple L.A. from 4 - 6:00 pm, and we urge
|others around the country to do the same. We are also organizing a
|national conference and demonstration in L.A. to crack the CIA Feb. 14 and
|15 (that's the Presidents Day weekend Mon 2/16 for travel time back home).
|We want people from around the country who are dealing with this issue to
|come together to create a national and international movement.
|Crack the CIA Coalition has a website at:
|Our email is crackcia@radio4all.org
|We urge people to get in touch immediately!!
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