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Sat, 1 Nov 1997 13:13:05 +0100

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Tony wrote:

> NoNono....
> > Anders, starts with the intro, the big bang, earth
> > Max, starts with Civilization, and Now, and Future
> As Popper argues, all physics is cosmology. As is all religion.
> The 'Big Bang' stuff is unscientific, untestable, and arguably
> physically impossible. A 'poisoned well.'

Thanks !!

I think this shows, why we need a guide or if you like a central
point of information. I didn't know this stuff. And to be honest,
I don't know a lot of the other stuff I wrote down, too.
But I want to learn it, and I think I'm not the only one.

I'm trying to contribute in building a main source for Transhumanism,
nothing more and nothing less.

Maybe I'm to "light" for this job.
( please let me know !!!!!! .......... )

But at the other hand, if I understand it as newbie, I guess it can
guide a lot of new people trough the learning process.........

This is exactly why I want to work with numbers in front of the text.
It will make it easier for people to add their opinion or additional

My wish is to have an easy, optimistic and entertaining story that takes
by the hand and shows him all the differn't idea's, aspects, science
regarding this life/universe/history/future/etc.......
.....and the role of Extropy and >H in all this.

If your new to a lot of these "things", it's hard to find a good point
to start. One that brings some structure into this scientific chaos of
options and theory's :-)

I firmly believe that if "we" want to spread this Transhuman way
of thinking, we should try to educate as much people as possible.
This can't be done by sending every one that takes a look at the list
a mail with "read this book first.....", " XXX explained in his XXX
It's all very true, but not appealling to one who is trying to get a hold
on the main issue of whats going on here.

The power of the bible is that it gives a complete story ! Ok, I disagree
on almost everything. But that's not the point. You want something
that sets you on the road. After, you've read the introduction, you
follow the suggestions one gives you.

But since "we" are dogma-free, it won't be a fixed bible. Instead it will
be a dynamic text, that changes every "year ?" I think the internet is
the best way to distribute it on. Because you can click directly away
from the topic you read onto the page with the other opinion.

I hope I explained better, what I'm looking for,
I also hope there are a lot of you out there with "scientific-knowledge"
who will take time and effort to translate the hard stuff into
a reasonably easy to understand introduction.
I mean, isn't it possible that we find some general story in all this
that we all can relate to in some way?
We are all on this list ! that's the only thing
"we" have to do is write it down in a story that can be read by
joe-sixpack :-)

Again, if some of you feel, I'm not the right one for the job, let me
know. I accept it without a problem. I know very well I'm not even
halfway there...............

:-) Have a nice weekend all !


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