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> Anders, starts with the intro, the big bang, earth
> Max, starts with Civilization, and Now, and Future

As Popper argues, all physics is cosmology. As is all religion.

The 'Big Bang' stuff is unscientific, untestable, and arguably
physically impossible. A 'poisoned well.'

It owes its fell origin to the disastrous philosphical memes which
invaded the scientific community at the turn of the century.

Logical positivism said: "You cannot disuss a universe you cannot
observe. Thus, the univere is _defined_ as that which you can see --
i.e. a titchy one, around 5 000 light-years across."

The question then arose:

"Why does this titchy (logical-positivist) universe not self-gravitate
and collapse"?

Some 'possibles':

* It's still expanding (and that entails a point origin or 'bang');

* or it's at a transient turning-point between expanding and

* it's contracting now;

* it's spinning (but -- say those logical positivists -- it can't spin
absolutely). It would also have a different cross-section or shape.

* Something else weird is going on.

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Now retrace these steps, armoured with <inter alia> Eric J. Lerner's
brilliant work "The Big Bang Never Happened" (Simon & Schuster, [1988]
-- a glorious book, very good on the embedded moralities and
epistemologies of physical theories, most of which are _appalling_.
Don't import your enemies' anti-extropic concepts all unwitting.

Instead, our evolving Open Universe is infinite in all directions
(Smass, Length and Time), with emergent -- novel -- qualities

Einstein's old GR idea of a closed but unbounded Riemannian space where
nothing ever changes (determinist) is defunct (See Popper, 'Unended
Quest'), and utterly dependent on bad methodology and bad physics.
Einstein himself said it GR was in error many times. He asked for 'a
more objective way.'

Nicholas of Cusa, a Catholic Cardinal, proposed in [1440] an infinite
Euclidean Universe with an infinity of other planets circling other
suns, many of them populated by beings like (as well as different from)
ourselves. This predated Copernicus! He had no trouble from the
Vatican 'thought-police' becaude he wasn't proposing _heliocentrism_
('Mithraism'). Anything less was uncharacteristic of an infinite God.

The background radiation is the product of particle interactions, and
also accounts for the apparent (but not real) 'Hubble RedShift.'

A ballistic (particle) theory of light describes, predicts and explains
the interactions nicely. See: 'Relational Mechanics' (120k paper) on:

and numerous articles in 'Apeiron' (clicker) and Galilean Electrodynamics.

And there's NO 'entropic heat-deat' in Relational Mechanics' -- the
ballistic photons (the building-blocks of matter) are reshaped by
gravitational accretion into new stars. It's an _eternal_ system. Very
extropic! >:-}

NASA use Relational Mechanics -- it's real easy to use! So can you!

Enjoy!!! >:-}

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Max: There's a fine book "Mind in Science" [1981] by Professor Richard
Gregory (he's here at Bristol University) which is 'an exploration of
the significance of ideas and experimental findings in the study of Mind
and Matter, from pre-Socratic Greece to the present day.'

* Mind in Myth

* Tools That Challenged Myth

* Lessons From machines

* Exorcisms of Mind

* Concepts in Science


* Links of Light

* Links of Nerve

* Links of Logic


* Links in Memory

* The Nature and Nurture of Intelligence

* Links of Mind

* Links of Brain

* Meaning to Say

* Meaning to Dream


* What is consciousness?

* How Are Mind And Brain Linked?


* The Self: Where is Mind?

* Science in Mind


* The Nurture of Physics

* The Naure of Knowledge

* Postcript

* Notes

* Bibliography

* Indexes

Max: I remember that the last time we met was in Bristol, at Temple
Meads Station. The Science Exploratory (which Dr. Gregory was active in
promoting) has a permanent home there now. Kids love the place! >:-}

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"We have it in our power to begin the world over again." -- Thomas Paine