Re: ?META: European Mailing-List?

Amara Graps (
Fri, 31 Oct 1997 11:10:27 -0800

>I've seen there are a few local extropian mailing-lists on the
>extropy-server. Would it be possible to have a european one? This could
>be used for bringing together european extropians / transhumanists and
>organize meetings etc.

>Is there an interest for such a list?

I will be living in Heidelberg for a few years, working on my PhD project
starting next April, and I would certainly be interested in such a list.

P.S. I heard through the grapevine that there is a German publication
of many pages long that detailed Extro 3 with all/many of the participants.
I saw a Web version of a publication about Extro 3, but I think that this
other publication is something different.

Someone told me that they saw me in there plus many many of the other
Extro 3 participants (hmm odd since.. I was only at Extro 3 for a few
hours, unfortunately). Can anyone give details about this German article?
Is there any way to get a xerox copy of the article?


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