Re: History of Transhumanism and Extropy

Nicholas Bostrom (
Thu, 30 Oct 1997 13:00:44 +0000

Berrie wrote:

> As I explained several times, we are working on a Transhuman
> foundation in the Netherlands called "Excedo"

Very good. Let's see, that means we have Aleph (transhumanism in
Sweden), Excedo (tranhumanism in the Netherlands), Bostropians
(Boston region extropians) and the Extropy Institute (extropianism
world-wide). Have I missed out something?

This Sunday I am scheduled to meet up with David Pearce to make
plans for a transhumanist association in Britain.

> Can someone explain me in 1 word (okay 2 then :-)
> what the main difference is between Extropy and Transhumanism ?

Roughly speaking, the difference is that extropianism includes the
political doctrine that something like anarcho-capitalism is a good
thing. Thus every extropian is a transhumanist, but not every
transhumanist is an extropian.

Nick Bostrom
London School of Economics
Department of Philosphy, Logic and Scientifc Method