History of Transhumanism and Extropy

Berrie (staring@worldonline.nl)
Thu, 30 Oct 1997 08:54:42 +0100

Hello All,

As I explained several times, we are working on a Transhuman
foundation in the Netherlands called "Excedo"

What I'm looking for, to put on the site, is the History of Transhumanism
and Extropy.

Can someone explain me in 1 word (okay 2 then :-)
what the main difference is between Extropy and Transhumanism ?
I mean, I have to explain it to someone who is not into it.
Like most of our work on the site will be aimed at, we want to
reach/educate people also, who are not familiar with a lot of these
aspects. Besides this we are already invited by some media to explain.

Also, can I take this text as the starting point of Extropy.
Still interested? Okay. In 1988 these two guys named
Max More and Tom Morrow launched a magazine called Extropy.
In it, they explained several ideas they were putting together.
Eventually, they had interested many other people in these extropian
ideas. Most of us think these ideas hang together very naturally; in fact,
many of us can look back over our notes and journals and see that we
were always extropians, but just didn't have a name for it before 1988.
An extropian is anyone who is interested in expressing and advancing
these ideas, so there can't be any hard and fast definition. Nevertheless,
here are some attempts (which flagrantly disregard the principles of

Who used Transhumanism first ?....and does this has a similar
starting point (see the above text)

Why was "Extropy" the lucky word ?

Thanks again all !!


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