Apology to Ian Goddard

Lee Daniel Crocker (lcrocker@mercury.colossus.net)
Thu, 23 Oct 1997 22:21:00 -0700 (PDT)

In an earlier post in response to the "Landlord" analogy, I
accused Ian Goddard of willful evasion and intellectual dishonesty.
After seeing some of the follow-ups, I now realize now that I had
somehow failed to read all of the post, and perhaps misinterpreted
some of what I did read. I apologize for my hasty accusation, and
if it has caused anyone to doubt Mr. Goddard's honesty, I urge
them to disregard my comments on the matter. If it has caused
some to question mine, I don't blame you, and I offer no excuse
for my unwarranted judgment.

I have been, and hope I will continue to be, quick, vocal, and
without restraint in my opinions. I also hope that those
listening understand that it is because I firmly believe that
the most effective means of human communication is to encourage
unfettered--even brutal--speech. Though I do not believe that
speakers have any obligation of tolerance, I do think they are
obliged to be honest and to check their facts, which I failed
to do in this case.

I apologize to Mr. Goddard and to the rest of the readers of
this list for my failure.

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