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> The federal government is the landlord of the

> property known as the United States. The rules

> of the landlord must be followed or penalty

> is effected. It is not coercion so long as

> you are free to leave the U.S. property if

> you have a problem with the contract. >>



>I've a problem with this...two things...


>One...who gave the federal government the property? Did they buy it? Did

>they steal it? Are you saying that theft is ok and confers ownership as long

>as it happend yesterday?


>Second thing...since the theft is an accomplished fact...then it ok as long

>as you can leave your wordly possesions in the hands of the theif and leave?

> Your money or your life?

"When does theft become property?" Is a touchy issue.

If the Federal government doesn't "really" own something because they

stole it decades ago, what's to stop a member of a racial minority from

claiming that I don't "really" own my car, because it was bought with

money from my job, which I obtained partially thanks to my education, which

I obtained partially due to my priviledged upbringing and parent's income,

which priviledge was partially due to race, because white people have

several economic and social advantages over other races in this country,

because our ancestors committed theft, forced slavery, and several other


While ingenuity, hard work, etc., contribute to ownership, isn't there

always also a correlation with one-time theft, albeit sometimes abstracted by

quite a few layers?



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