Re: GIBBERISH: what Arthur C Clarke told us

Kennita Watson (
Thu, 23 Oct 1997 09:36:06 -0600

>> [ Mitchell Porter's imaginative and witty post ]
>> >You need to get out more.
>> Curious. I've always regarded that as the mating cry of the braindead.
>> Damien Broderick

Lee Crocker responded:
>Thanks. That phrase has always disturbed me too, but I could never
>quite put my finger on why. Now it's clear: it is used by those who
>regard social interaction more highly than private intellectual
>pursuits; perhaps because they lack confidence in their own abilities
>and seek approval.

<sigh> Go ahead, insult me. I can take it.


I beg to differ -- your thesis is anything but "clear". When I say it, I mean
that the person I'm saying it to has lost sight of the importance of balance
in life. Introspection alone cannot reveal reality -- you have to go look at
it. And while reading and writing are valuable, people wrote the books and
people read them, and words on paper cannot convey the richness of human
experience and interaction.

Also, by "getting out" I may mean just to go take a walk on the beach; breathe
some fresh air; get some exercise; look at some flowers or rainbows or art or
architecture; or (gasp) touch somebody -- you're still a human, as much as
you may dislike that, and touch is good for humans.

Lee, do you think I write this stuff so you'll approve? You need to get
out more.



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