Re: Subject: "The Computer is your fiend..." -- Backdoors and

Kennita Watson (
Thu, 23 Oct 1997 09:38:49 -0600

>Could a solution be, to start spreading Wrong information about,
>yourself. I mean to mess up the database files of all these guys.
>I work a lot with client-data to sell more and I think a lot about;
>if it would be wise to start adjusting information about me.
>Like buying at several stores (rich/poor), in polls say sometimes,
>I like left and sometimes right, etc........
>Anyone an opinion, does it make sense to do this ?
>or will "they" even try harder to find out more about me.

They won't try too hard, but you may start finding it hard to
get jobs, as they rely more and more on computer information about
you ("Why haven't you been employed for the past 5 years?" "Why
is the Social Security number you gave not registered?"). And
the heavens help you if you try to buy a house ("We see no credit
history registered under this information.".


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