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> << << Many of us are rather unconventional people, who would not dream of
> putting down something that had actual potential, but we also are mostly
> trained well in the scientific method, so we can see holes in theories,
> as well as outright flaws. If something cannot be experimentally proven
> to work, then it isn't real, and we shouldn't waste our time with it. If
> you want to beleive in unproven or disproven things, thats your
> prerogative, but it shoulnd't be done on this list. If you want to prove
> that something DOES work, then get into the lab and get cracking, and
> come talk to us when you've got experimental proof.
> >>
> The thing is I HAVE been providing proof, but yall still wont accept it.
> Such as, the reeds of the crop circles are changed in the chromosones, and
> many of them are also bent at the nodes (which is impossible to do if you
> tried). Thats biology and vision at work. Also, the water-powered cars,
> the
> guy gave directions on how to make them! If you dont believe him make it
> yourself and see. I cant think of the other stuff ive written but they are
> legit, like the sacred geometry site, they're using mathematics for what
> they're doing. You're right, yall are dealing with conventional stuff, but
> there is a mystery to the world that you're just blowing off.

Stating that something is so is not proof. Posession and display of
evidence that has been established as holding up under scientific
scrutiny is proof.

I can just as easily give you "proof" that neither of those that you
claim is true. There have been several individuals and groups who have
come froward admitting to being involved in creating the crop circles.

The claim of plans for a water powered car is not proof. What would be
proof is chemical reaction equations showing exactly what is claimed to
be going on. Instead there are "secret ingredients" etc.. If sacred
geometry were true as seen on the site you posted, then the equations
would hold up under scrutiny. They don't. I've seen the same thing with
a guy by the name of Cathie, from NZ who wrote a book about the earth's
harmonics as an explaination of the energy sources of ufos, etc. I
freind of mine went on and on about this guy, until he showed me the
book with all of its fancy equations, which I promptly showed were not
mathematically valid.

Much of the claimed "mystery" to the world is usually caused by
hypnotism, self delusion, hallucination, fraud, and slight of hand. The
rest can and/or will be explained by science. Granted there are some
true mysteries out there: 1) why do Saturn's rings remain stable? How
does ball lightning work? Why after all the scandals, do Bill Clintons
approval ratings remain so high?

There is NOTHING in this universe that cannot be explained by science.

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