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> << I can just as easily give you "proof" that neither of those that you
> claim is true. There have been several individuals and groups who have
> come froward admitting to being involved in creating the crop circles.
> >>
> give me the proof then! those people that make those crop circles can only
> make some circles, and a poor job at that, you can easily tell the difference
> between a real crop circle and a man made one.
> danny

I am really not going to get further into this here. The fact that most
reported crop circles in Britain have been acknowledged by people as
made by them to date, there has been no evidence of chromosomal changes
other than that occuring due to cellular rupture and UV sunlight
exposure, that the group that has claimed the most that it is caused by
UFOs has been proven to have made fraudulent movies that were created by
morphing software (after claiming that they were real), indicates to me
that crop circles have much more to do with locals trying to buck up the
tourist trade than ET visitations. Of course, my statements here are not
real proof either, they are just statements. Proof would be in the form
of several citations of scientific study that all reached similar
conclusions, which you have not once provided. You will notice that such
things are frequently referred to on this list. I will reiterate what I
said in past posts to you: If you want to prove it, get off your duff
and go out and do the research. If you are not willing to put in a
respectable amount of work to prove your point, you really shouldn't
expect anyone to lend any credence to what you say. This list is meant
for serious discussion, not outlandish claims. Just because we talk
about things like quantum logic processors, plasma computers, borganic
augmentation, and "jupiter brains", the only time you will see people on
this list talking in a manner anything like mysticism is when people
talk about what the Singularity will be like, which is oxymoronic since
if it were a singularity, then it will be unlike anything we can even
think about or imagine. That is about the only tolerated subject here
that borders on mysticism or religion, and only because it is so far out
there that it is impossible to know about it, but it is a relevant

If you still want to discuss your theories of these other phenomenon, I
would suggest that you try the Wierd Science mail list. Its been pretty
quiet for a while now and could use somebody to spark it up.

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