Re: Looking for speed-reading program

Anders Sandberg (
08 Oct 1997 15:08:45 +0200

"Berrie" <> writes:

> Instead of reading a text from left to right, you can read it
> much faster when the words are presented on an empty
> (white) screen in the center of the screen ! So every word
> will be presented to you; one at the time in the middle of the screen, you
> can focus on that point, and therefor you can read it faster then
> "normal"
> To check this: does anybody know of a program which I could feed
> with docs, emails (plain text) that would convert it to this reading-style.
> (pref. with keys to go back and forth, and adjustable speed).

Hmm, I guess there are commercial programs to do that, but I think
it would be a simple programming exercise to write one.

I'm not 100% sure this is the ideal way of reading text, although it
is good training for learning to recognize whole words as units. The
next step is to learn how to read pairs of words together, until
you can take in whole lines of text at a glance. That is the secret
of speed reading: all the different methods and gimmicks are merely
ways of learning this.

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