Re: Looking for speed-reading program

Joe Cooper (
Thu, 09 Oct 1997 05:56:46 -0500

Berrie wrote:
> I can recall something like this from a TV show:
> Instead of reading a text from left to right, you can read it
> much faster when the words are presented on an empty
> (white) screen in the center of the screen ! So every word
> will be presented to you; one at the time in the middle of the screen, you
> can focus on that point, and therefor you can read it faster then
> "normal"
> To check this: does anybody know of a program which I could feed
> with docs, emails (plain text) that would convert it to this reading-style.
> (pref. with keys to go back and forth, and adjustable speed).

I just purchased Rapid Reader yesterday and recieved it via email this
morning. It's cheap (19.95) and can be had in a demo version for free
so you can try it out. The web address is:


I would also recommend getting ahold of a book called "The Evelyn Wood 7
day Speed Reading and Learning Course" if you're serious about speed

With a combination of these two tools, I've been able to up my reading
speed to ~650 words per minute on the PC and ~550 on paper (average for
a college educated adult is about 200-250). (The potential is much
higher than that if you're willing to put in the effort.)

Joe Cooper (
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