Was: The Spike, nanotech, and a future scenario

Anders Sandberg (asa@nada.kth.se)
08 Oct 1997 10:47:15 +0200

phoenix@ugcs.caltech.edu (The Low Golden Willow) writes:

> Europe's busy trying to shoehorn itself into a single currency, which
> currently (because of Jacobs' arguments) doesn't strike me as the
> brightest of ideas. (Anyone know how Norway and Switzerland are
> doing? Especially Norway.)

Norway is doing good, very good, but that is mainly due to the oil
price; they seem to be storing up on capital to run the wellfare state
in the future. A lot of swedes are getting envious at the norwegians. :-)

I don't know much about Switzerland, but there is an upcoming referendum
which may be interesting; it seems that there is a proposal to ban
several forms of biotechnology. Of course, as an observer pointed out
in Nature, if it passes the sweiss biotech firms will move elsewhere...

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