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Tue, 07 Oct 1997 22:36:08 -0700

Over 11 years ago I changed to a "caveman-type"
diet, eating only raw food, including a wide
range of raw meats. At that time I also
started taking a range of supplements which
has expanded considerably over the years.

As a result I recovered fully from severe heart
disease and mild cancer, eliminated recurring
malaria from my system, recovered completely
from the early onset of arthritis, eliminated
chronic indigestion, lost about 60 lbs., and
lowered my heart rate from over 80 to 55-60.

I eat only two meals a day and fast on Sundays.
I gradually find myself spontaneously eating
less. I don't eat anything between meals.

I usually play raquetball five mornings a week,
60-90 mins., and work out two or three times a
week in the gym. On Sundays I usually power
hike up a 2,000 ft. mountain, and then run

I have a sense that physiolgically, in some
respects, I'm now 20 years younger than I was
11 years ago -- my skin "snap-back" test seems
to confirm this. Even among regular hikers,
few half my age can keep up with me.

I haven't spent a day ill in bed in over 11
years. I no longer get even colds or flu.

Although I take some hormone releasers (not
as scientifically as I would like), my next
step is to have certain biomarkers regularly
tested and to embark upon scientific taking
of hormone releasers or hormone replacement.
Does anyone know of a doctor in Las Vegas
who pratices hormone releasing/replacement?

Frederick Mann
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