Extropy in the personal sphere

Eric Watt Forste (arkuat@pigdog.org)
Mon, 06 Oct 1997 19:15:00 -0700

Ed Sona writes:
> psychological tools, investing, calorie restrictions, etc.

Well, "psychological tools" covers a very broad territory. Which
psychological tools were you interested in discussing?

There are extensive online discussion groups for investing, though
that does get discussed on this list from time to time, it's a big
(and mighty contentious) subject. I tend to like what Harry
Browne wrote on the subject before he lost his marbles and went
into politics (half-kidding, there), but the last couple of
times I brought it up on the list, it didn't seem to meet with
much approval or interest. Apparently, many of Browne's ideas
about investing are considered crackpottish, even among
extropians. ;) And all of his advice is heavily slanted
toward North Americans.

There's an excellent FAQ about calorie restriction, by Brian Manning
Delaney, available at


I haven't been very scientific about it: after I read Walford's
books, I mysteriously developed the motivation to lose 35 pounds
over the course of the next two years (hard data can be very
motivating in the right context!), and since then I've just been
trying not to regain it. And when the mood strikes, I try to
rearrange my diet in a more paleolithic direction: "How many hot
fudge sundaes per year would my ancestors of forty thousand years
ago have been in the habit of consuming? Can my genome really deal
with this?" And I think I've managed to modify my habits enough
that I probably eat *slightly* more dark-green or deep-yellow
vegetables per week than I used to.

But the time since I ate my last bag of Cheetos is
embarrassingly small.

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