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Sun, 5 Oct 1997 16:01:50 +0200

> << The funny thing is, by ASCII code, his name in numbers does not add up
> to 666, contrary to Mac/Fundamentalists everywhere. It only adds up to
> 666 if you count his last last name (I don't know the proper term for
> it) of III (as in The Third) as being either 111 as in one -one -one,
> which it is not, it is roman numerals III and three I's in ascii don't
> add up to 3, which would be the neccessary result to get 666 as a sum
> for his whole name, or you'd have to call that name as "3", which would
> be wrong, because if you used arabic numerals, it would be 3rd for
> "third" so ascii is off again. This is one more example of idiots not
> doing their homework.
> >>
> Of course, but it still works doesnt it? Instead of translating the 3
> the number 3 represents, they just left it as 3. Everything else is
> What do you think about the Pope's number? And what does TAANSTAFL mean?
> danny

I remember, for a week or so ago, Anders and a few others posted about
"proofing" Astrology, and other weird Ideas... I have read an article by
Asimov, where he takes a number any number, and shows the numerologistical
significance of this very number. I could probably do the same thing...
(Fact is, with 1,2,3,4,5,7,9 and 13 as "holy" numbers, one has rather much

It isn't certain that 666 is the number of the beast, many translations of
the bible say 606.

I personally, regard the last part of the New Testament (I cannot remember
the english name, but it's the part with all the magic numbers everywhere)
as bullshit. (Excuse my french, all you cristians out there.)

I've read *the* major epos in ancient Nordic believe (Vikings etc.). It is
more or less identical, and says just as little about what life's about...

>> Java is being touted these days. If Microsoft ported Word and Excel to
>> Jave people at least wouldn't have to deal with Windows.

> Making applications in Java?? Not likely.

Why not?? It's a rather nice language, especially since it runs on almost
any processor, without that the programmer has to take to much of a special
care... It is also rather stable, virii programming in Java would be rather

> I'm not sure what you mean by this. Java is not an OS, it's a
> language, a lot like C.

Ever heard of JavaOS ?? Comes from Sun, is an OS written in and for Java...

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