Re: Genius dogs

Anders Sandberg (
06 Oct 1997 09:30:33 +0200

"Nicholas Bostrom" <> writes:

> If we take a human brain and simply speed it up enough, will it be a
> superintelligence? Would a dog brain be?

One has to distinguish qualitative intelligence, the ability to
come up with good solutions to problems, from quantitative intelligence,
the ability to solve many problems in a certain period of time.
Speeding up a mind will only increase quantitative intelligence.

The archetypal example is of course the uploaded dog: it will
remain a dog, even if it lives for millennia.

> 7. The Turing machine that is simulated runs the universal
> intelligence algorithm (or alternatively simulates the evolution of
> the brain states of an uploaded human genius). Amazing feats of genius
> are performed by this dog house.

The man screamed "No! Not the Chinese Room! Not the Chinese Room!" as
the guards carried him away.

As others have pointed out, it is not the dogs that are intelligent in
this system, just as our neurons are not intelligent. The intelligence
resides on a higher level.

> -- I anticipate that Anders will suggest that superintelligences will
> make entertainment out of shaping human organizations into
> entities that perform intelligent tasks, just as we have fun by
> watching circus animals behave. :-)

It seems like you have a quite good simulation of my thought processes.

About Eliezer's view that this would be immoral: I think it can be
ethical to do, as long as the humans voluntarily agree to form the
organisation. "Wow! Look at this: that PostAnders entity has a really
great idea about a selforganized democracy. Let's try it!"

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