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> << The funny thing is, by ASCII code, his name in numbers does not add up
> to 666, contrary to Mac/Fundamentalists everywhere. It only adds up to
> 666 if you count his last last name (I don't know the proper term for
> it) of III (as in The Third) as being either 111 as in one -one -one,
> which it is not, it is roman numerals III and three I's in ascii don't
> add up to 3, which would be the neccessary result to get 666 as a sum
> for his whole name, or you'd have to call that name as "3", which would
> be wrong, because if you used arabic numerals, it would be 3rd for
> "third" so ascii is off again. This is one more example of idiots not
> doing their homework.
> >>
> Of course, but it still works doesnt it?

As I tried to explain, it doesn't. He isn't Bill Gates 3, he's Bill
Gates the Third, abbreviated as III, which if you count as i's, do not
allow the sum of 666 for his whole name in ascii, so its merely
anti-Bill propaganda and not even true numerology, even if someone were
stupid enough to ascribe any credibility to neumerology in the first

> Instead of translating the 3 into
> the number 3 represents, they just left it as 3.

If that were true, then it should be counted as "3rd", NOT "3", so the
numerology is also false there.

> Everything else is fine.
> What do you think about the Pope's number?

Listen I could go on for hours on all sorts of numrological
coincidences, like the fact that Pope John XXIII who guided the vatican
through Vatican II was known as The Navigator before Vatican II, that
the head of the Priory of Sion in Switzerland, credited by many to be
the spiritual head of freemasonry, who was elected at the same time as
that Pope, also went by the name of John The Navigator, and was the 23rd
head of Sion to assum the name John. Blah Blah Blah.

> And what does TAANSTAFL mean?

For the umpteenth time on this list, it means: There Ain't No Such Thing
As A Free Lunch, as anyone who has ever read a Heinlein novel could tell
> danny

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