Re: Ethics and Morality

Anders Sandberg (
05 Oct 1997 20:55:13 +0200 writes:

> >>Anyone who studies General Relativity or quantum mechanics may perhaps
> begin
> to appreciate something of the true strangeness of the Universe. It is not a
> human place and is under no obligation to obey human laws. <<
> It is, in fact, most definitely a human place or man would not have evovled
> or continue to exist in the universe today. When the entire planet fully
> grasps this one concept we will, in my arrogant opinion, rocket toward
> biological immortality and an extreme increase in happiness. Once again
> I recommend You will see that our battle is
> first epistemological before it is technological.

Given the opaqueness of the neotech stuff, general relativity and
quantum mechanics, I think the battle is one of communications: how
to make others understand what you mean, so that they can judge
whether it is worth studying or not?

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