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Date: Wed Dec 12 2001 - 16:17:23 MST

> I would say that the most unique thing to come out of the '90s that hadn't
> been done before in music, was proper Drum 'n' Bass (e.g. LTJ Bukem and
> Talvin Singh). Most of the other "new" genres were barely distinguishable
> deviations of existing stuff, such that the differences probably fall below
> the noise floor of normal differences between given artists in the same
> genre.

Jeremy says: I would go further to say that it is the Jungle variant on Drum
N Bass that actually begins to sound more like its own original genre. The
basic DNB pattern is really just a glorified 8 beat rock pattern or 16 beat
rock pattern played quite often in cut time which then only makes the timbes
fresh sounding. With the syncopated Jungle, Arabic and Indian time
signatures were making their way into western dance culture so to me, that is
more fundamentally "new" than basic DNB.
> James Said: Question for the drummers: Why does sloppy drummer timing
> sound "organic"
> and sloppy MIDI timing sound "sloppy"? I don't hear a difference, but I've
> seen it justified this way many times. Drummers that actually have
> excellent timing (i.e. sub-millisecond) are extremely rare, so perhaps it is
> a way of justifying abilities that are less than excellent.
Jeremy Says: I agree with you and disagree with all the so-called drummers
that make the claim you state. As a drummer for a number of years (with
praised technical ability supposedly), I still think that you have pointed
out the basic insecurity that drummers can develop when their performing egos
outweigh compositional concerns. I used to like MIDI for its time lag though.

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