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Date: Sat Dec 08 2001 - 14:43:03 MST

In a message dated Sat, 8 Dec 2001 12:03:58 PM Eastern Standard Time, Spike Jones <> writes:

> Mike Lorrey wrote:
> > wrote:
> > >
> > > ***does that mean that those who take the longest to leave adolescence in fact, have the biggest brains?
> >
> > Maybe not, just that they make the least efficient use of their learning
> > time and/or exist in such a low-evolutionary-pressure environment that
> > they don't get the 'lesson plan' nature intended. Note how kids who have
> > been through more stress, crisis, and traumatic events tend to exhibit
> > higher maturity at a given age than those who are coddled.
> Roger that, and modern kids are becoming ever more coddled.
> Given the choice, human children choose to remain children
> for ever longer. Its fun and somewhat scary to extrapolate
> current trends. spike

***Hmmm..I was acually making a bit of a joke up top there but I am glad to see it has led to some serious discussion. Seems like these are important investigations going on.

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