more criticism of the criticism

Date: Sat Dec 08 2001 - 14:40:59 MST

Hi there Mike and Folks,

It was good to see a lengthy response to that guy's essay as I think he may have just been playing Devil's Advocate and may not be as serious as he claims.

I think (I could be seriously dead wrong) that his criticisms of Transhumanism and Extropianism are really just that..criticisms used as a catalyst for people on this mailing list to re-evaluate what they have started taking for granted in their belief systems (a sign of possible conformity). Yes, though the guy is totally hypocritical (if he is indeed serious about his views) and sometimes resembles a Fascist. The obsessive need for that kind of control usually happens in war time and/or during an economic recession. I think that some of his ideas were borrowed wholesale from the Italial Futurism movement spearheaded by Marinetti during the first world war and ended up becoming the culture minister for Mussolini (more of an opportunist than futurist).

Yeah, the feed back form was also pretty silly. I spend about 10 mins trying to reply to the guy and then he would not let me send it to him..Maybe that is part of the joke. Thanks for the mail follow-up, Mike. You echoed some of the same sentiments that were going on in my mind when I read it.

Keep it up, it is a fun tangent :-D


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