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Date: Sat Nov 24 2001 - 00:23:25 MST

I wrote:

>English who colonized Australia were convicts expelled from England.

Mostly not, in fact.


More exactly (if anyone cares), I find that:

                      The 11 ships of the FIRST FLEET left Portsmouth under
                      the command of Capt Arthur Phillip. Different accounts
                      give varying numbers of passengers but the fleet
                      of at least 1,350 souls of whom 780 were convicts and
                      were freemen, women and children and the number
                      included four companies of marines. About 20% of the
                      convicts were women and the oldest convict was 82. About
                      50% of the convicts had been tried in Middlesex and most
                      of the rest were tried in the county assizes of
Devon, Kent
                      and Sussex.
                      The fleet arrived in Botany Bay but the landing party
                      not impressed with the site, and moved the fleet to Port
                      Jackson and settled in Sydney Cove on 26/01/1788.
                      SECOND FLEET of convicts arrived.
                      THIRD FLEET of convicts arrived.
                      First free settlers arrived.
The numbers of free settlers swiftly outstripped the cons:

>Transportation of British convicts to New South Wales ceased in 1840, but
continued to Western Australia until 1868. About 160 000 convicts arrived
over 80 years. That compares with free settler arrivals as high as 50 000 a
year. [etc]

Damien Broderick

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