Re: Selection by Migration

Date: Sat Nov 24 2001 - 08:29:20 MST

Perhaps you simply don't like to be lied to (with your permission of course)
by grand storytellers? Curiously, enough, Clifford Pickover regularly
recommends the works of science-fiction writers like Greg Egan when dealing
with Extropian issues.

I lurk on Yahoo's Fabric of Reality List, in which Oxford physicist, David
Deutsch occasionally, participates. He recommended some science fiction works
as well as the Extropian list for issues relating to immortality and

I tend to like papers that appear at the LANL Archives myself, so give me
science or philosophy. There are lots of people can tell stories (bubba
meissers), but at some point, one has to hit a peer review level to seem
real. Extropianism is either dealing with the 'real' or is merely
fantasy-ridden. Time and deliberation and luck of the draw, will tell.

<<As I was saying to Damien in private, for some reason, I could never
read a SF book. I tried a cyberpunk classic (if I understand well)
some months ago (Gibson, Neuromancer), but it fell from my hands.

However, I don't think this is because I'm such a risk-taker etc., but
rather because I like both science and literature, but not the mixing
of the two.

I know this is a marginal point of view here, so spare your flames, I
know how SF can help you to think etc. etc. ;-) >>

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