Re: Lind echoes Burch's Extro 5 address

From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Mon Nov 19 2001 - 10:41:30 MST

> Sigh. Why not say it a bit more clearly? Some see the conflict
> as between materialism/rationalism/scientism/humanism and all
> spirituality - not just fundamentalism. In my opinion this is a
> huge and splintering mistake. Does the division leave room for
> those, like me, who are both profoundly spiritual and utterly
> dedicated to human progress and transformation? Or are the
> "good guys" only those who firmly eschew any/all spirituality as
> "supernaturalism"?

What good is having shared goals if your beliefs and actions
actually prevent us from getting there? There is certainly room
for those who choose to believe irrational things personally but
who generally stay out of the way of those who are building the
future; but irrational people do have a tendency to spread their
irrationality or use it to interfere. That they are well-meaning
is no excuse.

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