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Date: Mon Nov 19 2001 - 06:11:02 MST

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Had to un-sub (heavy work-load), so I don't know if this will make it to

the main forum or not, but....

Yeah - Dr. Ruwart is a hard-core Libertarian (amongst other things). In
addition to her books & magazine articles, she writes a cool column for
"Liberator On-line" (go to Like Wendy McElroy,

she is pretty extreme in her views and, to my mind, blurs the line
between "Libertarian" and "Anarcho-capitalist" (or "individualist

To be blunt, I've never heard her make a distinction between
Libertarianism (minimal government) and anarchy (no government), though
I have asked upon occasion.

Of course, whether you view any of this as positive or negative depends,

I suppose, on if you like the idea of extremely limited government or
not - on whether you are a radical individualist or a collectivist.

David M. McLean
Skinny Devil Music Lab

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