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From: Amara Graps (
Date: Fri Nov 09 2001 - 17:08:19 MST

>The Americans are so young and
>inexperienced" stuff. There are very few governments as old as ours.

In this part of the world there may be different governments, but
there's mostly the same people deeply rooted to their soils for (at
least) many hundreds of years.

>Our people know something of that. We had our Civil War those of us in
>the South have heard the stories. Even since that time we have had our
>Indian wars.

"our people" who?

The pools of blood are very recent under the European's feet. You don't
think that they understand what it feels like to have thousands of
people murdered? Of course they understand, much better than your
patronizing tones indicate. They don't want _more_ blood. They have a
fair amount of experience that the U.S. approach will fail.

>This is not an event that happened to distant stranger miles from us.

Europeans had relatives and friends and business associates die
on September 11.

>Amara, I don't expect you would know this in Germany
>-- but almost all of us at least knows someone that knew someone that died.

??? I was born and I lived in the U.S. for 37 years. Please give me
some credit for having close friends, coworkers, and a family in the
U.S., and my life permanently changed by those atrocties. I would
sincerely like them to be safe from the stupidities of the current
actions of the U.S. government.

>But you are right about the seriousness of what could come out of
>this. This could get out of hand and become WWIII. But there is one thing
>for sure. They

>have elected us king of the hill


>At least let us conduct ourselves so as to be as economical as
>possible of innocent American, European and Middle Eastern lives.

At least conduct yourself to be a human being who would like to share
this planet with other human beings)

(or is vengence much more important to you?)



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