Re: War Support Ebbs

Date: Fri Nov 09 2001 - 17:15:28 MST

Amara stated:

<<However, the U.S. government and citizens doesn't have experience, or
    knowledge to handle messes like this in a way where the problem could
    be solved. In a comon "can-do" American attitude, the government and
    folks think that they can solve the world's problems, they don't have
    an understanding of the history, of the the volatile mix of cultures,
    and more often than not, the U.S. government makes it
    worse. >>

I am old enough to remember the Vietnam War and the notion that armies can
fall into morasses, if the policy makers do not know their own limits; as
well as the attitudes and beliefs of the local population being effected.
The American experience was aptly, called "trying to destroy a swarm of bees
with a sledge hammer."

One of the policy failures was the judgment by two administrations, to avoid,
at all costs, the arrival of Chinese participation in the war, and
concurrently, the reluctance to take the war to the enemies soil-North

My contention is that the United States must offer an alternative, solution
to the Wahabbi power structure, in place, in the Muslim world; preferably a
secular power structure. Secondly and most importantly, is we must separate
ourselves from Saudi Oil, because we are addicts to their oil, and behave
like addicts who have a chemical dependancy.

<<If you don't think that what you're dealing with is a big problem,
    then please study some history of that area over the last 50-700


I understand what you are saying, and clear thinking is needed in this
situation. But the attacks on America and Europe will Not cease unless
hostile regimes and terror networks are literally toppled. I knew that on
September 11th and am no stranger to the mentality of the "levant" as it was
known in 19th century France. The next attacks will be chemical or nuclear,
simply because if one wishes to disrupt and destabilize the "West", this is
one of the easiest ways to accomplish this.

The problem with the Islamic Terrorists is they can hide amongst a
semi-sympathetic, local population. So what to do? Answer, just what we are
doing-toppling a regime that is hostile to us and co-mingled with Al-Qeida.
There is more we need to do, on the "reward" side of the business, but we
also need the stick.

I can respect the other fellow's point of view, but when it comes down to
making tough choices on whose lives are lost, it is a rude awakening. Tough
choices have been made, and will be continued to be made over the next
several years. Our enemy has made the mistake of forcing us to fight or
die-not smart, that.

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